I worked with Natasha on the issue that I had for a while and was amazed how quickly she was able to help me to release and resolve different aspects of it in just one session. I am still processing all the changes but already feel the difference before and after the session. Thank you, Natasha. Anna
Natasha and I worked on career expansion. She has given me a Breakthrough session helping me to overcome certain mindset blocks. It has been over a month now. I can firmly say thanks to Natasha’s session I’m able to show up with an upgraded strength and confidence in my business practice. She’s not only very skilled at what she does, but she’s also a warm, sincere, and understanding person. It was a pleasure to work with her. From the moment I saw her and all throughout the session, she remained professional and authentic. I highly recommend Natasha for her transformational work. During sessions with her, you easily find that she gets you and, ultimately, can help you overcome challenges you wish to address. Anastasia

One of the wisest decisions I’ve made in my life was to take a breakthrough session with Natasha. I had a career and financial goals I wanted to reach but something unknown kept me stuck. In the beginning, I was a little skeptical that just one day can change something. However, it was a very intense but extremely interesting and productive day that opened my mind and changed my life forever. First of all, I’m very thankful that this session helped me to get rid of negative emotions that harmed my body, my mind, and my soul. Only feeling free from my negative emotions, I’ve broken through those barriers that interfered with achieving my career goals. With Natasha’s help, professional guidance, and support I increased my self-confidence and motivation, improved my work performance and time management. Our breakthrough session ended with an amazing hypnotherapy session that was designed just for me to anchor all the achievements for the day. I’m really unstoppable now! Thank you Natasha so much!


Before my coaching sessions, I was at a loss, because I had no idea what to talk about and a huge stream of thoughts just overwhelmed me. I had already been standing at a fork in the road for quite a long time and did not dare to move in either direction as it was tough to determine how and where I wanted to go. I work for a large corporation and everything there seems to be fine, but for a long time, I had been questioning whether I should start my own business and whether I could run it successfully. I seemed to be trying to go in the direction of my goal, but I felt that something was interfering and there was some kind of barrier. However, with Natasha’s help, I was able to find the root of my problem in myself and literally pull it out. With the help of her coaching sessions, I came up with a clear plan of how to reach my goal, my confidence in its success rose, and with a positive energy charge, I was inspired to implement my plans. Thanks, Natasha! Alexey

The Kaiten Session with Natasha gave me a lot! I had a request to research ancestral scenarios, in particular with my brother. Natasha opened the channel and kept the field in which I had access to my ancestral system. I was able to clear blockages in the ancestral fiend that do not allow energy to move and which do not allow my brother, who is no longer with us, to develop and move on the path of evolution.
After the Kaiten session, I felt it become easier for him. I felt space opening up in my life, energy flowed from the part of my ancestral system that we were working on. My request really was answered. I felt how my brother released some blocked emotional issues that did not allow him to move on. Natasha holds the field amazingly, passes this energy through herself, communicates with the members of the ancestral system whom we touched upon during the session. I am immensely grateful to her! Olesya