Breakthrough Session + 1 Follow-up Coaching Session


This session is perfect for those who are ready to have a massive breakthrough in the area of life that they are struggling with.
If you are committed to your vision and feel like you want to make some big changes, this session is for you!
Imagine that you got rid of all your baggage and limiting beliefs in one area of your life, during one session. Do you say it isn’t possible? I say of course it is!
Through a powerful series of exercises during the breakthrough session, we are able to achieve impressive breakthroughs in different areas of your life. You will release all negative emotions and limiting beliefs as well as discover and release the greater underlying issues that are preventing you from feeling empowered. Together we will create a compelling path by placing achievable goals into your future. We will meet for 1 follow-up session afterward to make sure you are on track.
The process of BTS takes anywhere from 5-9 hours and is usually spread over 2 days. BTS is usually done for one area of your life, where you want to achieve a breakthrough.
Choose from the following areas of life:
  • Career/Money
  • Family
  • Personal growth
  • Physical health
  • Relationship (romantic relationship/partner)
  • Spirituality