Kaiten Spectral Healing Session


This is a complex spectral constellation that can help a client to solve a complex issue.

During this session we work on 4 different levels:

  1. Personal level. Through the existing problem, a trait or a complex of your character traits is being worked out and transformed. The client can figure out what their Soul needs now and start to consciously cooperate with it.
  2. Current life level. Client’s life experience from conception and perinatal period to the present day. We look at social attitudes, social programs  (school, institute, army, government structures, etc.), as well as your personal history connected to the topic of your problem.
  3. Ancestral level. Our living relatives and ancestors have had different life stories, experiences, traits, etc. The client may be carrying certain traits and feelings that come from that level. The ancestral system is not only grief and illness, it is a colossal source of resources and unique energy that will help the client in their transformation.
  4. Reincarnation level. The experience of the client’s Soul client in other incarnations. These are skills, abilities that were developed by our Soul during its previous visits to this world. Connecting with this experience will allow you to become the best version of yourself that your Soul and personality aspires to.

During the Kaiten session we study the above levels, search for a “root cause” and seek a resource to resolve the issue. It is similar to an acupuncture session when you work with a blockage that prevents the movement of energy in your body. A Kaiten session allows us to literally open the client’s personal file, unfold it, witness, and solve the problem that the person is facing. We can also gain some valuable insights and access to tremendous resources within your ancestral, reincarnation and personal systems.

This session takes anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours.