3-month THRIVE Business Accelerator


What I have found is that many women struggle to bring in money for their small personal businesses. They are afraid to market and sell their services.
😔Marketing and posting about their products on social media seem scary.
😔They offer their services way under the market value as they are uncomfortable asking for more money.
😞 They don’t understand the value of themselves as specialists and the value of their services.
😞 They are afraid that no one will like them if they really show who they truly are online.
😞 Selling seems bad to them. They are scared of selling because they might seem like dirty car salesmen
😞 Spiritual services should not be marketed, clients should miraculously appear on their doorstep.
😞 They think that one day when their hair and nails are done, they had enough sleep, they found a photographer and bought the right equipment, then they will be ready to shoot a video or host a webinar.🤦‍♀️
This list of limitations can go on and on!!!!

You can continue living with these limitations or you can get OVER them and implement strategies that work for many successful entrepreneurs online!

THRIVE Business Accelerator.
🔥It’s a program for women who are growing and developing their businesses!
🔥It gets to be easy to run a business when you have a clear plan and a vision
🔥It gets to be easy with the right tools and support!
🔥 It’s great to create your business from a beautiful empowered state when you feel the excitement and not fear!
🔥Making money while having FUN by doing what you LOVE
Join a group of driven women entrepreneurs and start making more money right away
💥🌀THRIVE Accelerator will take female entrepreneurs, on a journey to identifying their market and messaging, creating programs and services, to developing core communication and marketing strategy that generates a consistent flow of high-paying ideal clients.

The coaching program will last 3 months and includes personal as well as group coaching work. If you are a woman with a small personal business, this program is for you.