1 Cosmoenergy Healing Session


Do you feel out of balance? Do you want an extra energy boost, better sleep, better focus?

Do you have some diseases or conditions that are in a way of you feeling perfectly healthy and full of energy and inspiration?

This session is for you!

After this 40 minute session, you will feel grounded, balanced, have energy, and peaceful.

We can work on different health issues as well.

CosmoEnergy (Kosmoenergetika) is a unique method for a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual healing using informational components of the Universe, referred to as ” Channels “.

These “channels” are made up of energy frequencies, pure and invisible to the human eye. The method of Cosmoenergy activates a person’s inner potential, relieving tension, and stress. Pathological processes leading to problems and diseases are transformed into Health, Wellness, and Happiness.

Cosmoenergy is clean and conscious cosmic energy channels. Each of the energies has its own features and purpose. Some cosmic energies restore inner peace. Others may increase vitality and enthusiasm. The special energy is used for the healing of each body organ.
International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation has more than 8 patents in the Russian Federation and European Union and there are numerous scientific research papers in the fields of Physics and Psychology written about it. More than 10 years of scientific studies and several thousand patients have provided considerable statistical data. In December of 2009, it was admitted to the highest medical institution, the World Health Organization of the United Nations as a viable alternative healing method.

Benefits of Cosmoenergy Healing:

  • The treatments are conducted in a series of sessions
  • In the course of a session, the entire body is effected
  • Chakra balancing and aura correction
  • We can work with different organs and bodily systems
  • Improves anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Personal life and relationships are affected in the most positive way
  • Positive changes at work happen: career growth, successful projects, increased work capacity, intellectual skills
  • Whole life potential is improved
  • Removes negative influences regardless of complexity (family curses, spells, energy parasites, necrotic connections etc.)
  • Healing pets
  • Cleansing houses, apartments, offices and other places of negative energy