Natasha’s Story

Natasha’s Story

Natasha Madsen is a professional educator, linguist, life coach, NLP, and integrative psychology practitioner, cosmo energy healer, and ancestral ritual facilitator. She is certified in MER Mental and Emotional Release as well as Hypnosis.

Natasha was born in Russia, where she studied at a pedagogical university before expatriating to Germany and then the United States. In Germany, she studied linguistics at Humboldt University. As far back as she can remember she has been interested in transpersonal psychology, spiritual, and esoteric practices.

For many years, Natasha has been fascinated by Bert Hellinger’s method of systemic family Constellations, which brought her to explore other methods of ancestral process work, such as Irina Ischenko’s Kaiten Sessions practice, which gives access to ancestral and reincarnation therapy resources.

Being a linguist and coach, she found neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to be a natural addition to her array of tools and became certified in 2020. Natasha is also certified as a Master Practioner in Hypnosis as well as MER Mental and Emotional Release®.

Natasha had an autoimmune health condition that she was dealing with all her life with. At some point, she was so sick that going outside was a big challenge for her immune system. She was on many medications and felt that life is not worth living anymore. This was a big turning point when she decided to take matters in her own hands. She started using alternative healing methods, juicing, fasting, psychotherapy, and energy work. Her plan worked. This completely transformed her health and her understanding of the healing process.


Natasha is now fit and healthy and completely off of medication for her illness. Moreover, she is inspired to help others to become healthy and overcome whatever barriers are stopping them from being happy!


Natasha uses all her tools to help people overcome their past traumas, to heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and helps them to tap into ancestral resources in order to overcome whatever barriers seem to prevent them from thriving. She helps them to transform their health, their relationships with others and themselves, and discover their purpose so they can view life’s challenges as meaningful experiences rather than impediments to their own success. She is committed to helping people live the life they truly deserve, find their life’s purpose, and unlock their potential.


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